thursday thursday. late early september 2010

urgh.  missed a day!  and i even have an awesome koozie to share.  the long weekend has me all off kilter.  and i’m not sleeping well so it’s hard to concentrate and write.  or type.  or whatever.  communicate.

i’m hoping this winter i finally learn how to crochet.  i can knit.  more or less.  less than more, but i can’t quite wrap my head around crocheting.  i’ve got the stitch and bitch book that looks like it could help.  i’m doing something kind of weird…like making the stitches too tight, i think.  i’ll try again.   in the meantime i’m just totally enjoying other’s mastery of the grannie square.  sigh.  i love it.

i can’t wait to actualize the super-ultra kitsch visions i have dancing around in my (sleep-deprived) noggin.

well. i intended to hit preview. but i hit the publish button instead.   so now editing in a sign-off.



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