thursday thursday. early september 2010

…i’m researching how to make our own koozies.  not that there aren’t soooo many awesome ones out there.  i just gots sum ideaz.

but much much much more importantly is this.  at the green barn.  this saturday.

run on sentence at the hogfarm

this is a HUMDINGER! one of hogfarms dearest family members will be making his rounds, round Maine the first few days of September. Our beloved Dustin Hamman, aka RUN ON SENTENCE will be visiting a few spots up and down the pike labor day weekend.

mark your calender to catch a very special evening in the GREEN BARN @ HOGFARM. catching Dustin in this kind of venue, in this intimate setting is an experience that will blow your mind — catch him on a couple of stops if you can, it’s never enough.

he will be touring in support of his new album “You The Darkness and Me”- Hush Records. So not only will Dustin be treating us to some new material this time around, he will also be joined by by a couple of his band mates. a super, super, special night.

we have a special surprise treat for you guys, oh yeah! HUGE BOMBASTIC SOUND…..TINY LITTLE ROOM. you don’t want to miss the opener, music starts around 8, doors @ 7. Seriously, MYSTERY OPENING ACT (contractual non-disclosure) + RUN ON SENTENCE…same bill, hogfarm…= DREAM.

also, this truly will be hogfarms last show for awhile. come October, Biddeford’s newest kick-ass art, music, and food cafe will be bringing in some entertainment that will knock socks! check for more info.

so come join us @ hogfarm old school, you never know if this could be the last? we’d love to hang with you, and the music will be amazing.

“You The Darkness and Me is an exploration of solitude and a reconnection with the Earth. The music is as direct and innovative as Beirut or Neutral Milk Hotel, but the lyrical themes are unique to its writer, Dustin Hamman. He spent a couple seasons living on a hill in a vineyard, flying his kite in the soft breeze, watching the trees slowly twist towards the sun and this time away from scenes and society gave him the space to write about “life that doesn’t breathe.”

The songs on this album confront some of the starkest realities about living in this world: there is only you alone to take care of yourself, and that responsibility begins anew every day. But at the same time it is a celebration of the beauty of the world, of the simple delight of walking in the morning, of envying the life of an oak tree, of staring into a nighttime lightning storm and welcoming the excitement of it all.”

doors @ 7, music around 8

please RSVP as seating is limited and this show will sell out.
or call


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