monday monday. late mid august 2010

wow.  first monday back after a chunk of time away.  and keeping in line with the universe-and-the-way-things-work, i woke up at about 3:00 am this morning and obsessed about the list of things i need to do until about 5:45 am —  or around there — and then fell asleep.  i planned to get up around 6:30 am to start this-list-of-things-to-do, but i didn’t.  i woke up from a kind of annoying and mundane dream at 8:15.  and realized the situation.

so.  so i don’t feel like reviewing the list right now.  maybe later.

last night i was watching aretha franklin host a pbs pitch show segment named “soul rewind.”  the footage and music was so awesome that i didn’t mind the phone breaks tossed to the cheesy guy with the cheesy pinky ring.  i cannot and i mean i cannot get over the background dancing that goes on behind the singer in a lot of the 1960’s clips.  kind of go-go-esque flailings from grinning teens.  why o why did that fall out of stylie grace.  i’ll be working to bring that back.

i also could not get over the awesomeness of the 1970’s, light blue with dark blue satin trimed, uber-ruffled shirt tuxes sported by the stylistics in one segment.  it was AWESOME.  so there i am deep in thought about how to get my hands on one and whether it would be cooler for gil or myself, and how i really shouldn’t kid myself because i’d never ever never get gil to wear it. …and it hit me…

…  somewhere in my travels i’ve not only seen but held in my hands a photo of my gil, circa 1982, feathered hair and all his thirteen year old glory,  in that exact stylistics tux.   at a cousin’s quinceañera escorting an equally ruffled and frilled young lady down a church isle.


so now i’m really on a quest.  i wonder if that tux still exists out there in the corral family.  today i will try to focus on my work and not cruise the interwebs for a stylistics/quinceañera tux.



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