friday friday. early august 2010

shoot.  i pretty much missed the whole dang week.  and i had a lot of good posts planned.  well, at least they were planned.  there isn’t cell phone reception where we were staying.  which i knew going in to it.  but i thought if i walked out to the road i could keep up with a daily blog post.

that didn’t really happen.  there’s always next week.

so it seems like it might be less humid today.  which is nice.  but it’s too late for my hair.  this has been a really rough summer for whatever i got going on on top of my head.  i joke that it’s diana ross hair…but after doing a bit of research this morning, i have  a new appreciation for just how awesome she rocks her fro.  i do not look like that.  maybe because i’m walking around southern maine, not nyc or la.  or maybe because it is hot and sticky and i keep trying to pull back from my face so it doesn’t make me hotter and stickier so it’s a big mangled poof headed in a gravity-deifying direction.  or maybe because i’m not committing to the afro fully and it shows.  maybe i need a lovely evening gown or smart skirt and shift combo.  maybe i need to just stop pussyfooting around and tease the whole thing out to its fullest potential.  hell yeah.

ok.  on that note.  here’s todays promo.

for 20% off any one item in either or, send me your favorite miss ross lyric in the note to sellers box — wait for an adjusted invoice.  this does, as always, exclude any gold items — there just isn’t any wiggle room.



One response to “friday friday. early august 2010

  1. I can’t STAND my hair when its really hot. I live in ponytails.

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