monday monday. early august 2010

wait.  i need a cuppa joe.  i think things will go more smoothly after that.

ok.  last monday schooled me on a couple things.  or really two elements that combine for one situation.  and seeing as it’s holding somewhat steady for this monday, i’m going to acknowledge the pattern early on and just take them for universal truths.

let’s review:
i wake up equal parts stymied and anxious on monday mornings.

so i think it comes down to making a list.  clearing the clutter and checking things off one by one.  would you accompany me, then, on my monday morning lists?  lovely.

this is what i need to accomplish today…or at least start today and resolve soon:
pay the internet bill. sigh.
pay electric bill.  sigh.
pay student loan bill.  … sigh.
mail rings to the person in canada
mail ring to person in los angeles
mail ring to person in portland, maine
set up studio.  again.  do not drag box over foot.  which is still bruised from last week.
finish resin on one ring to prepare to mail tomorrow
get ring to person in biddeford
package painting to get to new york
pack for a couple nights at my pa’s cabin
get bunny food
gather supplies to work on items for picnic while at pa’s cabin
re-learn how to burn a silkscreen in preparation for screening t’s for wassaic which is sooner than i realize.
track down pokemon dvd’s at a local library to ease the drive to pa’s cabin
clean bunny hutch
decide if we really need luggage or can continue to cram our travel into various shopping bags and whatever else lends itself in the moment.
get snax for couple days stay at pa’s cabin.

ok.  i can do this.  that’s not so bad.  it’s nice to see it written down.  kind of contained that way.



3 responses to “monday monday. early august 2010

  1. I’d ask you a question, but it looks like you are too busy.

  2. Okay, I love Mondays post. But if that was my list for Monday., the lst item on the list would be put revolver with one bullet on night stand.
    I so think we knew each other in another lifetime.
    It is to scary how much I can relate to your blog.
    Love it!

  3. that’s awesome phyllis. i TOTALLY appreciate that. hmmmm. and so awesome about previously crossed paths!

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