thursday thursday. late july 2010

so i’m a bit obsessed with all things lithuanian on etsy right now.  or i have been for a while.  my favorites are chock full if items picked from lithuanian artists.

i bought this little love for mysel—err, uh, chloeviolet last winter.   – i still have the envelope he arrived in.  and i’ve saved all the stamps.  elze makes my heart ache, just a little bit, in a good way.

my mom’s family is full on straight ahead lithuanian.  my great grand folk settled in dorchester, massachusettes marrying other lithuanian families for a couple generations. … i started designing jewelry based on lithuanian cross designs after i found a book full of sketches and descriptions at the university of new mexico’s zimmerman library.  i boohoo’d when i came upon a large stone lithuanian cross  at the grotto in portland, oregon.  and we were so psyched when arvydas sabonis (finally) joined the trailblazers while we were living there.

so pouring over this and that —  i’m pining for many felted items in particular.  these shoes at the top there i’m almost certain are next on my list.  i love the description and love that lithuanian sheep are treated well.

so, mama, wish you were here shopping with me.  one of our most favorite things to do.  and supporting artists, one of yours, and now one of my, most favorite things to do.  and lithuanian artists, no less.  good lord.  we would be drinking wine and clicking and oohing and aahing and crying (just because that’s what we always end up doing !!joyous tears!! while drinking wine together.)  damn.



5 responses to “thursday thursday. late july 2010

  1. Damn. ((big hug))

  2. Oh.. I forgot to add, it’s amazing how much you (that IS you in the pic?) look like Chloe. :) or……. visa versa I guess I should say.

  3. that is chloe!! cv was two when my mom was killed so they got to know each other for a moment…

  4. thanks Coco, I really liked this text, …. xi xi.. Sabonis… xi xi

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