tuesday tuesday. late july 2010

if yesterday was any indication, monday is not the best day for creative writing.  at least in my world.  i sat here and literally alternated between fits of white knuckled anxiety (thinking of all that needed to get done) and a brain numbing static (thinking of absolutely nothing at all).  i did this until i annoyed myself to the point of action and then the day progressed from there.

a few things about yesterday.

we had an amazing barn concert saturday.  crazy lovely.  didn’t do much at all sunday — which i’m sure added to the build-up of monday.  one thing that i did monday was set up my workspace since it gets cleared out to make room for the shows.  i needed to move a wooden chest from up against my jeweler’s bench back to its spot as a makeshift coffee table near the couch.  i don’t know if it was a semi-clairvoyant moment or a self fulfilling prophecy because right before it happened i knew it was going to happen and i dragged that heavy wooden box corner right over and into the side of my left foot.

it totally dropped me.  the pain did.  i’m lying there on the floor…kind of cross-eyed.  and pissed.  thinking – goddamn, i’m tougher than this.  it’s just a little physical pain.  not like anyone’s causing me emotional anguish.  i can’t cry or anything.  i mean, i would have if i needed to but it wasn’t like that.  but it really really hurt.  so i’m waiting for it to subside some so i can pull myself together. miss cv comes in and is asking me something about pokemon – i think – and pretty much not concerned about her mom on the floor clutching her foot.  i told her my foot hurt and we both giggled a bit.  we discussed how charmander evolves into charizard and finally charmeleon.  wait.  i think i’ve got that out of order.  but regardless.  i am now spongebob bandaged and have a bit of a limp.  and so it goes.

the other thing that happened yesterday is gil worked to right some of the wrongs with our new (to us) vw van.  the heater fan is acting weird so he pulled off a few panels around the dashboard and found…money!  not a ton – but enough to make it really amusing.  and again, it kind of made me giggle.  thinking of how life is full of these little frustrations.  with the cash were various little receipts for gas and other small errands…all dated from around early and mid 2005.  someone must’ve gotten into the habit of stuffing things in the ashtray. and it backed up a bit and made our fan start acting weird.  and the rest was history.

ok.  at any rate.  today will be a productive studio day.  mark my words.



3 responses to “tuesday tuesday. late july 2010

  1. wow! are you ok?? good choice with the VW ;)

    happy jewelry making!

  2. how do you keep from banging your elbows on that drawer? ps nice black bench haven’t seen one of those before.

  3. phyllis riegle

    Hope your foot feels better. I’m checking under my dashboard today for all for any of my missing money. Wish me luck. p.s. Love your workspace.
    Inspires me make some changes with the money I find under my dashboard!
    but enough, time to get to work……….

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