tuesday tuesday. late mid july 2010

this summer is jetting by.  can’t quite believe we’re almost to august.  oh well.  such is life.

tuesday is the day for a studio update.  i’ve got these three words bouncing around at my fingertips.  so far in metal and thread.  there are not meant, by me, to be read as a sentence…i can’t put them together in a way that works.  for me.  but i like each one individually.  these are on their way to becoming necklaces — maybe on 18 inch sterling chains.  i’m pretty sure.  or perhaps more brass knuckle rings.  if you’re interested and have a custom request regarding this, drop a line.  now is the time in the process for customization!

thread-wise, i’m working these into little wristlets and also fabric rings.  haven’t photo’d the rings yet, altho i must say they’re turning out awesome.  they’ll be unveiled at the picnic shindig in portland later this summer.  when we get back from wassaic.  eek!  where has all the time gone…



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