lime green summer farrah

i love summer. and hot hot weather. and moving a bit more slowly. and ice clinking in refreshing glasses of this or that. … i hope mostly for that.

my husband is from the southwest, and we lived there together for a slew of years. it was there he taught me about mountain biking, running, and shootin hoops in the mid-day blaze (that last one i’m really REALLY not particularly good at, but i do appreciate the attempt made to involve me). i MISS it.

but i’m learning about the east coast summers. while i’m not particularly fond of the swarming masses of bugs looking (err, demanding and taking) a meal, or what the humidity does to my hair – i LOVE the beach and jumping in the waves and even the sultry weight of heavy air while waiting for a breeze to stir things up for a moment.

and the color of that summer foliage.

it can just about reach neon green. it’s awesome.

so here’s to that.  a summer lime green ring.  check it out here


One response to “sumsumsumertime!

  1. i love this. love love love it!

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