spring love

hey kids!  it’s spring!  i hear it will start in earnest this weekend.  birds, bees, blooming bits… love is in the air!  so.  are you getting married?  looking for a special wedding band or engagement ring to mark the super stellar occasion?  come to the lovinganvil studio and make them all by your super rockin kickax self!  (well, actually, i’ll seriously guide you a lot…especially when you pick up the acetylene torch)

every step of the way — you’ll design, fabricate, and finish your piece or pieces.  silver, gold, copper – with or without stones.  and then snacks and a champagne (or spanish bubbly, rather) toast upon completion.  drop a line or call 971.645.9710 for more info.

and if you’re too far for a hands on studio experience, i always always always LOVE working with people to design their custom jewels – via sketches, email, phone calls.  i have lots of experience in long distance designing!

xoxo y viva el amor!  y viva la primavera!


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