new rings and a rainy day

hey loves.

finished these stacking rings for someone in particular and think they turned out just loverly.  making more to put in the shop and whatnot.

pebble stackers

pebble stackers

rainy rainy rainy day.  i’m actually kind of enjoying it.  we’re at lovinganvil AndMOR right now but i think i’m headed to the market to get some dinner fixings and then headed home with my love bugs.  nice.


beach pebbles

beach pebbles


2 responses to “new rings and a rainy day


    *the related posts are totally WHACK- i would turn those puppies off IMMEDIATELY.

    all said with love- your biggest fan

  2. i went by your shop today (everytime i am in biddo is in your off hours. :() and i saw this pebble work in the window and drooled. so beautiful…this stacking set is on my wishlist. <3

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