my loves!

the ocean water has been AMAZING. !! for maine, it’s been so lovely warm – every day we could we’ve played hooky from both our shop, our space, all of our responsibilities and taken the family to the beach. our little pipsqueek deserves it! we do, too! we all work so hard and the beach days are so limited. in fact…right now. i’m sitting at our kitchen table with a knit cap on. and a jacket. and gil’s boxer shorts. but still. there’s been a chill in the air the past couple of days. so already these photos have a feeling of nostalgia to them. it happened so fast! miss cv has also spent a ton of time in our big blue koozie pool in the back yard and TOTALLY learned how to swim this summer! i’m so proud of her! and a bit sad that’s over now, too. oh well. OH WELL. fall will be fun. just wish summer was a tiny bit longer.

i sat down to write about work stuff. but i’ll save that for later.



One response to “already

  1. hello Coco – met you today at your shop. I’m the fellow Etsian. Great blog. Look forward to reading more. I am posting your wristbands for my blogpost next week on Thursday, 24th. enjoyed meeting you!

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