new schools and cuff links


dare devil cuff links

and thanks, wordpress. i think i’m going to enjoy this. what do i do with my blogspot, tho. just too dang much to update. blogger, facebook, twitter, flickr, etsy, myspace, it’s all a bit overwhelming.

so hi. i’m hanging out at a school my daughter is considering for next fall. she’s six, not eighteen or anything. we homeschooled for her kindergarten year — now thinking for first grade we might go half time to this school for first grade. maybe every day if she digs it. it’s all up to her! nice. they’re working on math right now and i think she’s having a grand time. i’m getting hungry and trying to figure out what we’ll make for dinner tonight. also planning some studio time — this is what i’ve been up to for fancy-pants father’s day. and fancier pants graduation getups. check them out at

dare/devil cuff lindx

dare/devil cuff lindx


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